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Digital microscope Andonstar AD246

The gadget in moving pictures with sound

You can buy the Andonstar AS246 on:
Onlineshop Andonstar

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How Open Is This Gadget?

Category Remark Info
Firmware Firmware is closed source.
Software No additional software needed.
Hardware The components are very easy to replace, nothing is glued.
Electronics Camera and mainboard / Microprocessor unknown.
Website No firmware uptates on the website.
Patents Andonstar claim patents on AD246 and doesn't even mention which.

About the gadget

Figure 1:
The Andonstar AD246 is an affordable digital microscope that comes with three different lenses, covering a wide range of applications.

Technical Specs

Category Value Remark
Weight 1.5g  
Dimensions 18x20x34cm  
Lenses A: 12 - 32mm distance
D: 4-5mm distance
L: 90 - 300mm distance
Magnification: See test photos
Camera 1920x1080 25fps Readout via lsubs, no specifications from manufacturer.
Energy consumption 480-750mA @ 5V  

Package contents

Figure 2:
In addition to the microscope, the package includes a 7 inch screen, a total of 3 different lenses, light sources for reflective and transmittive microscopy, a couple of slides with sample preparations and some small parts.


Figure 3:
The assembly of the microscope is done quickly, only a few parts have to be mounted and all steps are well illustrated in the manual.


Figure 4:
The base and bracket are made of metal and look sufficiently solid. The height of the microscope can be roughly adjusted along the tube and fixed at any position with a knurled nut. The fine tuning is done via an adjusting wheel, with the help of which a stroke of up to 29mm is available. The 7-inch screen can be tilted for a front or top view.
Both, the mechanics on the tube, as well as the height adjustment work smoothly, the mechanisms aren't that bad.


Figure 5:
The tubes of the lenses are made of plastic, but the manufacturing precision is sufficiently to get well focussed images. The lenses are well protected hidden inside the tubes.
Lens A is for distances between 12 and 32mm,
lens D for distances between 4 and 5mm
and lens L for diestances betewwn 90 and 300mm.
To estimate the magnification factor, there are example photos further down on this page.


Figure 6:
The microscope is ready for use in a few seconds after switching on - the live image of the camera appears on the screen. The microscope draws a current of 480mA. With the lights at maximum brightness the current is 750mA - with that the microscope can be operated for several hours via a powerbank.
The illuminance can be gradually adjusted using the circuit integrated in the USB cable.
An external monitor or projector can be connected via the HDMI interface.
The microscope can be used as a PC webcam via the USB interface.
Image data is stored on a micro SD card, which - somewhat difficult to reach - is inserted at the back of the screen. The microscope must be switched off when changing the SD card.
Not only can still images and video sequences be recorded by remote control, but all settings can also be made.

Test photos

Figure 7:
Photos A - O: Lens L
Photos P - V: Lens A
Photos W - k: Lens D

My conclusion

A digital microscope that allows astonishingly sharp images considering the relatively low price so that you don't have to brak the bank to dive into the fascinating world of the microcosm.

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