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Important hint concerning all extern links:
I am not responsible for the content of external sites linked at

If not marked otherwise, all content, pictures, videos and so on was created by myself. You are allowed to copy this stuff for free! I am glad about some feedback if you use extracts of my project.

All mentioned brands, logos and trademarks are property of the respective companies or individuals.
(Raspberry Pi, Sun Microsystems, openSUSE and so on)

The articles of this Internet presentation are written with best knowledge and conscience of the author, anyhow I do not incur any guarantee for the correctness of the informations. I also disclaim any liability concerning direct or indirect harm resulting from the use of these sites, as far as they are not the result of carelessness or intention of the author.

Statement to data privacy:
Whenever you are 'surfing' across the Internet, thus looking at sites of the world wide web, you interchange data with the computers of the opposite side. This data interchange occurs therefore with my (hired) computer whenever you call sites of At the following I would like to inform you of the modality of this data exchange, of the kind of stored data and how I am working (am allowed to) with those informations. You can often hear about 'data affairs', whenever a company is in the headlines because of improper use of (however) collected informations. I hope to be able to reduce fears in using the Internet on the one hand and to sensibilize you concerning this theme on the other.

Data accruing by calling websites:
In the 'World Wide Web', the interconnection of millions of computers, it is obligatory to identify each of them. That is necessary to deliver the information concerning one special computer. The identification is realized by assigning a so called 'IP address'. This address consists of a digit sequence like, which has to be unique in the whole network. You get an address like this whenever you connect to the Internet. The computer hosting the web presence of HomoFaciens also owns an address like this. It is not established for all times which computer is identified by which IP address, rather there are some special computers who assign your computer an IP address whenever you are connecting to the web (again). To avoid that you need to know which IP address is assigned to my computer, there are other special computers always knowing which IP address is associated with the computer named ''. Without your interaction, the 'Browser' of your choice (FireFox, Opera, Safari or Internet Explorer), requests those special computer which IP address is currently associated with '' whenever you type in '' at the address bar. Therewith your computer owns the necessary information to get in contact with my computer. If the IP address was assigned to your computer when connecting to the Internet, my computer will be asked to transmit the file 'index.htm' to the computer with the address If you click at the link 'Technology', my computer sends the file 'technics.htm' to the address, so you can see the site with the technical stuff. This 'clicking' through the pages of my websites is recorded and will be statistically analyzed. Further the transmitted amount of data, the time and the status (success, transmission canceled etcetera) are recorded. Depending on the configuration of your browser, the browser name and version, the operating system and the website you came from are recorded. I am getting the information how many and which sites were requested by the visitor with the IP address What are those informations good for? I can find out errors (for example not available sites) and I can see which sites you are interested in an which sites are boring you. Because of the fact that my day has just 24 hours, I can see what is interesting for you and so I can focus my activities on these columns. Recording data is not necessarily a disadvantage for you.

Individual-related data
As described before, you get your IP address when connecting to the Internet. The connection is normally arranged by a 'Provider' (Telecommunication company). The providers own a pool of IP addresses, who are alternating leased to their customers whenever they connect to the Internet. If there was given the address to you at one connection, it may be the next time you connect again. The computer of '' does not know that behind is the same person that was once before behind The recorded data containing the surfing profile are therefor not individual-related. Which IP address once was related to which person is just known by your provider. Your provider is committed to handle those information confidential and it may be disclosed just for some reasons. E. g. for fighting crime, the informations of your provider have to be handed to the police.
How can there be a reference between an IP address and a single person?
There are some computers who are not connected to the Internet via a provider. You still know one of those computers, the one with the sites of ''. Those computers often own a fixed IP address, because it is designated to be recognized here at. Internet names like '' have to be registered at a central organization, to assure that those names are unique in the whole web. In Germany the registration takes place at the DENIC, the Deutschen Network Information Center. During registration process, the data of the responsible person behind the regisered name have to be published. Those data can be retrieved by everyone at If you are connected to the Internet by a computer with a fixed IP address like described before (e.g. surfing from a computer of a big company), the IP address is not really anonymous any longer. The IP addresses of your providers (which are leased to you for connexion) have to be registrated, too. That is why I can see which provider the (to me still anonymous) person used when looking at my pages with the address If you like to try this, have a look at and type in (it is the address leased to my by now). This information is also stored in the data of my log files. What do I need those information for? For nothing! I just like to inform you, that those information is also part of every IP address being recorded.
The process gets individual-related, as soon as you hand personal informations to me (or anybody else in the whole web) e.g. by filling in your name or address at a form of a website (assuming your input is correct). Those possibility is given during the activation process of the full version of my game. I advise you that I just need the serial number for the activation process. Helpful to me and you is your mail address to confirm your order and to hand you a mail containing the link to your activation code. The correlation between the IP address and the individual-related data ends as soon as you leave my computer, the pages of ''. If you call my pages later on, I can't see that it's you again with the help of this method.
These (eventually) individual-related data is only used for the activation process (creating a bill and forward the activation code). There is no further data analysis and the records are not handed to others. An exception is given at criminal proceedings, requiring the transfer to a governmental institution. The use of your data is bound to the effective data privacy laws.

There are some other possibilities to recognize you, whenever you return to a special website. Using Cookies is one of these possibilities. Cookies are little files stored at the hard disk of your computer by your browser, whenever an Internet computer asks for this process. Those files are named in a special way, identifying which computer from the Internet 'asked' for the creation of the cookie. If the adjustment of your browser allows the creation of cookies, the Internet computer recognizes you if you call the site later again. The Internet computer asks every visitor if there is a file with those special name at his hard disk. If this occurs, the cookie is transmitted to the internet computer and so the visitor can be identified. Sounds like the total observation, but may be helpful sometimes. Cookies are used e.g. at forums to identify you. Cookies are not generally spoken a bad thing. It depends on the usage if they are helpful or not.
The creation of a cookie at your hard disk has to be confirmed by your browser. You can turn off this function and nevertheless visit the pages of

If you send me a mail, I will get unavoidable personal information about you (the mailing address, your name and some more stuff). I assure, that I won't hand those information to a third party. There will be no newsletters or other mass mailing.

What else has to be said:
I declare to use all technical and organizational activities to prevent your personal data from loss or unauthorized access of others. I disclaim any liability for the accidental publication caused by technical problems or unauthorized access (e.g. hacking).

You can ask in written form for the data stored about you and if applicable, call for the deletion as soon as there are no lawful barriers in conflict.
You can use the contact data given at the top of this site to ask further questions concerning data privacy.

The here at written words are not valid for all times and can be revised at any time (e.g. because of a modified legal situation).

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