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Ultrasonic Cleaner ZX-080S from Geekbuying

The gadget in moving pictures with audio

Ultrasonic cleaners are available at my Affiliate partner Geekbuying:

Geekbes 2L Ultrasonic Cleaner with Mechanical Knob, 60W Ultrasonic Power, 100W Heating Power
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Geekbes 6.5L Ultrasonic Cleaner with Mechanical Knob, 180W Ultrasonic Power, 200W Heating Power
Special price with the code: NNNDEGBCL65

Geekbes 22L Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner, 480W Ultrasonic Power, 500W Heating Power
Special price with the code: NNNDEGBCL22S

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How Open Is This Gadget?

Category Remark Info
Firmware Firmware is Closed Source, but that isn't really relevant for an Ultrasonic Cleaner.
Hardware Panels are screwed on.
Website No spare parts on offer.

About the Gadget

Figure 1:
With a capacity of 22L, the Z080S is suitable for cleaning large objects - the dimensions of the tank are 500x300x150mm. The ultrasonic cleaner has a built in heating, which can boost the cleaning effect. In addition to the tank, the cover of the device is also made of stainless steel.

Technical data

CategorY Value Remark
Dimensions 585x330x280mm
Tank 500x300x150mm
Weight 12kg
Transducers 480W Measuremenr: 450W Input power
Decreases when the transducers get warm
Frequency 40kHz  
Heating 500W  

Package content

Figure 2:
The ultrasonic cleaner is delivered well packaged with a metal basket, the power plug, a piece of hose for the tank drain and an instruction manual.


Figure 3:
The circuit boards with the power electronics are screwed to the base plate, to which the cable for the protective earth is also attached. A fan extraxts the heat from inside the device.
8 ultra sound generating transducers are glued to the bottom of the cleaning tank - the working frequency is specified as 40kHz, the total power as 480W. When the ultrasound is switched on, the input power increases to around 450W - this value, taking into account the measurement tolerances, scratches at the lower edge of the specified 480W with some goodwill. I had devices in my workshop that were much further away from the marketing values - there is definitely plenty of power at work in the tank.
3 heating elements with a total power of 500W are located on the long sides of the tank.
At the bottom left of the picture F is the temperature sensor, from which a cable leads to the circuit board with the control electronics.

Cleaning tests

Figure 4:
Encrusted test tube:
Picture A - Initial state
Picture B - 5min, cold water
Picture C - 10min 40°C
Picture D + E - 10min 40°C with household cleaner

Figure 4:
Oil cooler of a 2CV:
Picture A - E: Initial state
Picture F: After 30min with 50°C
Picture G - K: After 2x 30min with 50° and 10min coolingC

Once again there is only tap water in the tank. For such oily contamination, a suitable cleaning agent that doesn't corrode the aluminum of the oil cooler, should actually be added to the water bath. But even with nothing but tap water some of the encrusted oil is removed - the water becomes cloudy.
It is not to be expected that the oil cooler will emerge from the tank sparkling clean - with this test I just wanted to show that the ultrasonic cleaner can be operated for 2x 30 minutes with a 10 minute cool down break without ending up in magical blue smoke. The device managed the endurance test with no problems.

My conclusion

The ZX080S from Geekbuying works reliably and, with a capacity of 22L, offers plenty of space even for larger objects. The heating and timer are easy to use, you get a well-functioning ultrasonic cleaner in return for your money.

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