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3kw milling spindle with control unit from VEVOR

The gadget in moving pictures with sound

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How Open Is This Gadget?

Category Remark Info
Firmware Firmware is closed source.
Software No software needed for operation, but works with "grbl".
Hardware All components of the control unit are mounted with screws.
Ball bearings of the spindle are press fitted and so not easy to disassemble. For good runout, however, this is a common design.
Elektronik Mainboard uses a commont PLD type Altera EPM240.
Website The online retailer VEVOR does not offer any firmware for download, but the control unit is also not prepared for flashing by the end user.
Patente As far as I know, no patents are claimed.

About the gadget

Figure 1:
With 3kW of electrical power, the milling spindle is advertised for ambitious hobbyists and for professional use. With a mass of 7kg and the dimensions 31x10x8cm, this spindle is definitely not a child's toy!
The device can be operated on a household socket, although up to 14A flow through the supply line.

Technical data

Category Value Remark
Dimension Spindle: 31x10x8cm
Control unit: 19x18x13cm
Weight Spindle: 7kg
Control unit: 1kg
Revolution speed 90 - 24.000 rpm Only low torque at low rev speed
Power Spindle: 3 phases, 220V, 3kW
Control unit: 1 phase, 220V, 14A, 3kW
Other Collets ER20  

Package contents

Figure 2:
Two wrenches, a plug for the wiring and a total of 3 collets for tools with shaft diameters of 6mm, 1/2 and 1/8 inch are included.


Figure 3:
The cable connection between the control unit and the spindle has to be made - only the connector for the motor is included. A mains plug must also be connected to the control unit via the screw terminals.
I have used 5x 1.5mm2 for the connection between spindle and control unit and 3x 1.5mm2 for the mains plug.
The wire of the protective earth (yellow or yellow-green) belongs to the screw terminal on the plug, the other wires are soldered to the sleeves and pushed in to positions 1, 2 and 3 of the plug until they snap into place. The plug contact "1" runs to screw terminal "U" in the control unit, contact "2" runs to "V" and contact "3" to "W"
The mains plug is connected to the screw terminals "R" and "T" and the protective earth of both lines (motor + mains plug) is connected to the middle terminal.
The controller must be mounted on a panel or in a cabinet. The cables for the mains voltage and to the milling spindle must be fixed for the purpose of strain relief! If the control unit is installed in a control cabinet, sufficient ventilation must be ensured.


Figure 4:
The single-phase household voltage is converted by the control unit into a 3-phase voltage of variable frequency, with which the speed of the spindle is set. The frequency multiplied by 60 gives the speed of the spindle in revolutions per minute.
The plastic case can be opened with a Phillips screwdriver - no special tools are required. Brass threads on all screw connections of the case make sure that you can screw all parts in place more than just once.
All terminal connections are properly labeled. The most striking components inside are the large electrolytic capacitors having impressive 682 microfarads, as well as the large aluminum heat sink equipped with a temperature sensor for cooling the semiconductor components of the power electronics. A fan with a diameter of 5cm ensures that the hot air exits the case.
An Altera PLD type EPM240, for which data sheets are available on the Internet is placed on the mainboard.


Figure 5:
The manual in English with all the necessary information about the control unit.

My conclusion

The 3kW milling spindle from VEVOR is robust and can be controlled very flexibly. A household wall socket is sufficient to power the device and air cooling keeps the design simple.

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