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250w pipe cleaner from VEVOR

The gadget in moving pictures with audio

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How Open Is This Gadget?

Category Remark Info
Firmware No firmware implemented.
Software No software needed.
Hardware All components easy tro access, common screw types, no special tools for disassembly needed.
Elektronik Motor and switch look very robust.
Website No spare parts offered by VEVOR.
Patente As far as I know, no patents are claimed.

About the gadget

Figure 1:
A drain cleaning machine consists of a steel spiral driven by an electric motor to mechanically clean clogged pipes.

Technical data

Category Value Remark
Dimensions 54x46x31cm
Weight 19kg
Including long Spiral
Rev speed 400 rpm (Spirale)
1400 rpm (Motor)
Power 250W  
Other Long spiral app. 15m (3x 4.80)
Short spiral: app. 4.50m

Package contents

Figure 2:
The machine ships with a spiral of 14.5m length (3 pieces of 4.80 each) and various tools for pipe diameters ranging from 20 to 100mm. A second, 4.5m long spiral is placed in a metal drum.
Also included in the package are a pair of gloves and a fairly brief instruction manual.
Various tools can be attached to the front end of the long spiral, which is suitable for pipe diameters lager than 20mm. A spring loaded pin locks the tools in place. To loosen the tool, a mandrel must be inserted into the appropriate hole to push down the locking pin.

Working principle

Figure 3:
The clutch is made entirely of metal. The main element is composed of 3 parts with conical ends. These components are pushed apart by springs, so that the central hole is larger than the diameter of the metal spiral. That unit is placed between two pipes. If the right pipe is moved towards the clutch via the lever, the spring loaded parts are compressed. The central hole of the clutch becomes narrower and so can grip the metal spiral.
Note that the clutch lever is usually mounted so that it is pushed down to actuate the clutch - here I rotated the lever for 180 degrees to give you a better view on the mechanics.
The metal spiral is inserted into the device from the rear. The drum with the thin, 4.50m long spiral can be attached to the rear end of the machine. With the drum, the rear end of the metal spiral does not stick out of the machine during operation.
If the motor is turned on, the drum, including the spiral, does not rotate at first. Not until the clutch lever is actuated, the spiral and the storage drum start rotating. After releasing the clutch lever, the spiral can be moved axially out or in.


Figure 4:
Apart from a capacitor and the switch, no electronic components are installed - the motor is driven directly by mains voltage.
When idling, the machine draws an electrical power of around 225W - the rated 250W will be reached when a load is applied to the spiral.
The motor switch, with which also the direction of rotation is dialed, is located on the top of the frame. This mechanical switch looks very robust, which also applies to the electrical contacts inside of it.


Figure 5:
The English language manual contains only a few necessary information.

My conclusion

The 250W drain cleaning device looks to be built to last. Handling is simple.

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