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Multimeter ET828 from VEVOR

The gadget in moving pictures with sound

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How Open Is This Gadget?

Category Remark Info
Firmware Firmware is closed source.
Software No additional software is required for operation.
Hardware As is common with digital multimeters, the inner components can't be replaced easily.
Electronics Mainboard makes use of a common STM32 microcontroller.
Website No firmware updates or documents available.

About the gadget

Figure 1:
The ET828 from Vevor is a digital multimeter with oscilloscope function. The portable measuring device allows the recording of many physical quantities of electronic components as well as voltages and currents in circuits. The device's software enables many modes for recording the measured values.

Technical Specs

Category Value Remark
Dimensions 83x160x32mm  
Weight 400g With batteries
Display 320x240 Pixel
Energy consumption ca. 65mA
ca. 10h of operation

More specs are available in the user manual at the bottom of this page.

Package contents

Figure 2:
The multimeter is delivered well packaged with a printed instruction manual in English, 3 AA cells and the two test leads.


Figure 3:
After loosening 4 screws, the rear half of the housing can be removed. All components are soldered onto a single circuit board. This also applies to the 500mA fuse - it is not a replaceable fuse in a glass tube.
A microcontroller type STM32 is used as main processor. The larger chip type CS7721 is an analog-to-digital converter.
On the front of the board there is the color screen with a resolution of 320x240 pixels and dimensions of 49x37mm. The terminals for the function keys and the rotary switch are also located here. As lock for the rotary switch, two steel balls mounted on springs are installed.


Figure 4:
Direct and alternating voltages, frequencies, resistances, capacities, as well as alternating and direct currents can be recorded.


Figure 5:
The oscilloscope function can only be activated for current and voltage measurements by long pressing the "R" key. The function keys can be used to set the usual oscilloscope values for the time base, triggering or measuring range. The setting using the function keys is a bit fiddly, but with a little practice you can get the desired signal displayed quite quickly.
It is not a full-fledged oscilloscope, but the functions are sufficient to capture measurements in frequency ranges up to around 100kHz.

User manual

Figure 6:
The operating instructions in English can be downloaded here (3.5MB)

My conclusion

The ET828 from Vevor is an affordable, digital multimeter that covers all functions for the ambitious hobbyist in the low voltage range. The build quality is therefore not outstanding, but if treated with care the device delivers what it promises. The ET828 is a very practical all-round measuring device for troubleshooting electronic circuits, determining components or for training purposes.

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